Welcome to Tsuda-no-Boniodori


Tsuda is located at the east end of Tokushima city and faces Kiisuido channel between Shikoku island and Honshu mainland in Japan. Tsuda has a rich history as a port and with fishery. Tsuda-no-Boniodori is a summer festival to dedicate to the dead in the sea. Voice to the sea calls the spirits of their beloved and invites the dance together. Tsuda has lived with the sea.


Tsuda-no-Boniodori has a long history for centuries and used to attract a large crowd for all night dance during Boni three days in August. Now, Tsuda-no-Boniodori is smaller but still dances. Four days between 12th and 15th of August, Tsuda-no-Boniodori synchronizes with Awaodori festival held in the central area of Tokushima city. 


Tsuda-no-Boniodori demands no forms. No uniforms, no costumes, no dance styles. Nothing is needed. Some carry babies, some hold ship flags, some dress underclothes. Free and spontaneous. Sincere and native. Anyone is welcome. Come and join us!


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